Mission: To encourage qualified, business-oriented candidates with a cooperative vision to run for local elected offices.

BizPac is a non-partisan political action committee that endorses candidates in local elections only. These include Huntsville Mayor, Board of Education and City Council; Madison Mayor and City Council; and the Madison County Commission, Board of Education and Schools Superintendent. The BizPac Board invites ALL candidates running for these elected offices to an interview, and recommends endorsements and donations to the full Committee of 100 membership for a vote.

The BizPac Board is made up 17 members elected by and from the membership of the Committee of 100, with a focus on diversity in businesses, political views, race, gender, age and residence. The Board includes four members of our Committee of 100 Young Professionals group, and represents all districts in Huntsville, Madison and Madison County. All members serve 2-year terms. Click here for our 2016 BizPac Board members.

BizPac takes great pride in the transparency of our endorsement process of local candidates. Committee of 100 members have input from start to finish in evaluating incumbents and voting on each endorsement recommendation. The BizPac Board seeks to recruit and endorse candidates who are pro-business, have long-term vision, and a collaborative spirit.

BizPac’s Endorsement Process includes:

  • Committee of 100 members receive a survey on elected official satisfaction. Survey results are reviewed by the Board.
  • Select districts/races are chosen for scientific polling by an outside, unbiased research firm.
  • All candidates receive an in-depth written survey on a wide variety of economic, education, and local issues.
  • All candidates are invited to an in-person interview with the BizPac Board.
  • The Board engages in thoughtful discussion and makes recommendations to the full membership for a vote on endorsements and donations.
  • Endorsed candidates meet and speak with the full membership at special quarterly meeting.
  • Endorsed candidates receive monetary donations, polling data, and individual support from the membership.
  • All endorsements are announced to news outlets and on social media.
  • BizPac submits weekly financial reports to probate judge as PAC during elections.